ruesta to sanguesa (6)

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  1. Kathy Gower

    Sanguesa is a wonderful place with outrageous carvings on the front….the “elect” on the left, the “damned” on the right, with beasts nursing on a women…

    there’s a story there about a battle and a promise to the Virgin…the battle was won when the bridge fell down right there so the duke or whomever, dressed the virgin in silver and glittery stuff…and old, special place.

    There’s also a statue of St. James that was hidden beneath an altar there, and a church/temple with a very inticate star pattern for the rose window. Lucky you!

    travel safe and well,

    13/09/2010 at 21:17

  2. via Susan Johnson …

    In 1995 there was an international gathering of Libertarian Communists in Ruesta… for what that’s worth…

    “One other neat and unique thing that people get to see on this trail is the beautiful ghost town of Ruesta, by the lake where the Yesa dam is. It’s a ruined town–the sign says “Population: 1”–where, over fifty years ago, the first Yesa dam caused the people to have to leave town. On coming around the trail and seeing the two medieval towers in town, I gasped, and knew that this was a special sight. Then, as I walked in, I realized it was a ghost town. You’d see overgrowth, in what used to be someone’s bedroom or living room; crumbling flower-boxes, that someone used to tend; and a balcony railing, now hanging out in mid-air over these deserted little roads. There was a guy there named Antonio, who everyone was afraid of, because he looked like a biker, with a denim vest, earrings, and half his teeth missing. But I got to talking with him, and he was the greatest guy, buying me beers, talking about Ruesta’s history, and feeding us his homegrown sugared bell peppers. He told me how the dam had caused the diaspora, and said that the new planned extension of the dam was being protested for that reason. That’s why you always see “Yesa No,” on the local graffiti. Ruesta is a beautiful town, and it is a poignant sight to see.”

    14/09/2010 at 10:34

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