soulful stones

“When you walk across the fields with your mind pure, then from all the stones and all growing things, and all animals, the sparks of their soul come out and cling to you and become a holy fire in you.” – Ancient Hasidic Saying

… one of the things that i love is to make painted Soulful Stones. as i walk the path, i carry a small can of light blue paint in my backpack. i easily find the beauty and perfection in each stone. sometimes i paint the word soul in english, alma in spanish, âme in french, seele in german … and depending on other pilgrims i meet along the way, through our conversations, i am learn new ways of saying it.

how it works: donate $25 (just click on paypal button below), i will send you a lovely hand painted stone from the road, from where ever i am on the path at the time. i think of you, i look for a stone that speaks to me and then i sit down in a comfy place and paint a word of your choosing … or we can also leave it just as it is.

*stones, by nature, vary in shape and color …  sized to fit into your pocket. … the shipping cost is included.

so, click button below, and in the place to put a message, let me know what word you would like on your stone (one word), enter the address where you would like it to arrive. a touchstone for you or a surprise for an old camino friend.